Over the coming months, I'll be travelling around Central Australia as a Remote Lecturer. I will be mainly in the Barkly Region, heading as far afield as Elliott, Lake Nash and Lajamanu and various places a bit closer to Alice Springs, which is my base.
Each week I will drive out on Monday and drive back on Friday.
During this travel, I will see some spectacular countryside, encounter weird and wonderful animals, and of course meet lots of interesting people.
I will endeavour to include maps and points of interest, and provide the readers with photos and videos, alongside the anecdotes and observations.
Come with me via this blog and enjoy the ride.


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Truck passing on Lajamanu Road

This video demonstrates the large plumes of dust that follow trucks on remote roads. Fortunately on this occasion there was a strong wind and the dust was blowing off the road away from my car, making vision good as the truck past. On other occasions, it is impossible to see the road due to the dust for quite some time after the trucks have past. There is only one trailer on this truck, the dust from trucks with three trailers is even thicker and longer. The video is best viewed on YouTube (click on the YouTube icon on the bottom right hand side of the screen).

Travel Safe on NT roads!


  1. Although this is an old post of yours, I trust you will get this comment in mail box!
    This could have been my son driving this truck! LOL!
    Among different things - like professional diving - he drives these road monsters through Australia!
    He does it with another driver so that they can take turns... without stooping the truck!
    The comfort is outstanding he says!
    Ok, going back to your bird blog!!
    Cheers, Richard!

    1. thanks Noushka, from my experience, the truck drivers around the places I go are all very polite towards other cars etc.